We provide an all-encompassing service for private and corporate bookings, from initial branding & promo consultation work to selling you direct and en masse to the world’s top corporates and event agencies to thorough, detailed gig preparation work and on-site event management. 

We will market you to the elite of the private & corporate event world. We regularly book our artists to perform to the world's most prestigious clients and beautiful venues, in both the UK and abroad. Our client list is extensive and loyal, and we have a talented sales team who spend all day every day growing it, in personal meetings, on the phone and by email. 

We have a limited and selective roster, so, unlike with other agencies you won't be competing with multiple acts in the same genre. We work with quality, not volume. We select talent we believe in and then work hard to get you the best bookings possible, and we insist on respectable fees for the talent we represent. 

We have a close and personal relationship with all our acts, and we care deeply about your success and development. We offer in-depth guidance and assistance on essential promotional material using skills we offer in-house, including video, audio, web design, styling, positioning and branding, to maximise your potential. Our service is more hands-on than any of our competitors and we pride ourselves on always being at the end of the phone, whatever you need.

Nobody tackles an inbox like we do. We commit to answer every enquiry within 24 hours to ensure no client ever goes neglected. Our negotiation skills are the best in the business so we can guarantee you the best rate while taking all the prep work off your hands. And we have a robust legal process around every booking which provides you with protection and clarity. We understand what you need on a show: every gig will include a top-quality PA and a tasty hot meal, and you won't be left playing for 3 hours when you were booked for 1.5! We allocate an LMI tour manager to all mid-sized or large events.

We are a highly devoted and passionate team, all with experience in performance. We know what you need in order to do an amazing job, and we pride ourselves on ensuring those needs are fulfilled on every job you do. We provide a service that goes above and beyond - including as handling gig logistics, offering on-site gig management services where needed, and arranging audio engineering and production, so all you need to do is what you do best – perform!

We have our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot in music and entertainment for the private events market. We have the experience to create and present new musical act concepts to the industry – both here in the UK and internationally. If you have an idea for an act but need some help getting started and wish to collaborate, get in touch.