Our friendly and flexible Covid19 postponement terms for 2021 bookings are designed to give you the maximum possible flexibility in case the ongoing impact of the virus affects your plans down the line. We hope this will give you the confidence to go ahead with your booking! Please just get in touch if you have any questions at all. 

Please wait until 6 weeks before your event to notify us of your decision, as it will be difficult to predict the situation at the time of your event earlier than this*. As of <6 weeks prior to your event, based on current information and forecasts:

1.      If your event is unlikely to be allowed go ahead with at least 50% of your planned guest numbers due to government restrictions, we’ll be happy to offer a postponement free of charge to an alternative date within 9 months after your original date (or 13 months for events tied to a specific month, such as annual corporate events), subject to artist availability**.

2.      If your event is likely to be able to take place with between 50-74% of your planned guest numbers and/or with substantial ongoing restrictions in place**, postponement to a date within 6 months after your original date will be free of charge / postponement to a date between 6-13 months after your original date will be charged at 15% of your booking fee, subject to artist availability**.

3.      If your event is likely to be able to take place with 75%+ of your planned guest numbers, and if the only substantial ongoing restrictions in place*** relate to the elderly or vulnerable, we would ideally expect this event to continue as planned. Should you still wish to postpone please contact us to discuss fees.

* If you need to make your decision >6 weeks before your event, a flat 25% postponement fee will apply (provided terms 1 or 2 above apply as of the point that this decision is confirmed). Please contact us if you expect this to be an issue prior to booking and we'll be happy to discuss. 

** While our artists are usually able to make most dates work with enough notice provided, we can only permit postponements to dates on which the artist is available, so please avoid finalising any new date until we have confirmed this. In the highly unlikely event that the artist is unavailable for any of the first 3 dates you offer us we would refund any funds received.

*** 'Substantial restrictions' would include social distancing of greater than 1m between people outside the same household. It would not include social distancing of 1m or less, or wearing of masks while circulating. If either the UK government or the government of the country where your event is held (if overseas) publishes recommendations or requirements for event attendance relating to vaccinations and/or Covid testing, we would expect events to go ahead with such recommendations/requirements observed.

The above terms apply for new bookings for 2021 events and are subject to change. Terms published on this website as of the date of contract signing will remain in force for your event. For existing contracted bookings, please contact bookings@livemusicinternational.co.uk to confirm the terms that apply to you, if unsure.