We pride ourselves on impeccable service and clear communication in the lead-in to your event. The FAQs below explain how the process will work if you entrust your booking to us, from contracting and payments, to who you’ll be in touch with and when, to pulling together your schedule and how everything will work on the day.

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to read all this – it’s here along the way in case you have any questions. Of course our expert team will also be at the other end of the phone and delighted to help if you need us!

For information specifically about non-UK/overseas events, please click here.

1. The admin side


2. What happens if….?

3. The Music

4. Audio production

By "audio production" we mean the sound equipment needed to amplify your act. A good PA system is as important as a great band! We’ll work with you to figure out the best option based on your event size, venue and budget. If you've already enquired with us, we'll have let you know whether your band owns their own PA system (usually small lineups only) or whether they need production to be hired separately. In this case we strongly encourage you to book your production through an LMI preferred supplier - their pricing is unbeatable, they know our bands and we trust them to do a great job!


One of the following will apply in every case - please click for more info:

1. We book audio production for you through our preferred suppliers
2. The band provides their own PA system

3. You book audio production through your own suppliers or your venue

4. The band plays acoustically (typically background-level acts only)

5. Meal and dressing room arrangements